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First time with hermies and the only thing new is my light


Hello everyone,,

So this is my first run if plants ever with hermies. 2 GSC so far and 1 gorilla glue ( all started from seed ) and a clone of a Gelato plant that ive grown before now also hermed out.

The only thing new this run is my light. i went from a 600 watt HPS cool tube last grow to this 480 watt quantum board this grow

we think weve already ruled out heat stress, light leaks, and bad genetics ( the clone ).

after a day and a bit of trying to wrap my head around why this was happening i looked at the light specs and it suggest hanging it 20-32 inches away from the canopy. my light is 12 inches from the canopy. do you think that could be it?

some things about my grow

4 Gallon pots with HP pro mix in a 4x4x6 tentnear me cheap color copies

fed a combo of Compost tea and top dress ( used in the past with great success )

temps at min would go to 21C and 26C on the high end. and humidity never went above 55% during flower.

TLDR: i think my new light is too close to my plants and making them herm, thoughts?

EDIT: i did not change my light mid grow. this is a new light compared to my last grow which i used my HPS

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