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Harvest time

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Harvesting depends what kind of effect you want to get from your marijuana. Maturation is determined by trichomes: the part of the plant producing the oil. You can use a magnifier to see the trichomes. They located throughout the plant:  they are especially large on female flowers and clearly visible with the magnifying glass (they look like small glass mushrooms).

If the trichomes are transparent it is still too early to harvest. You need to wait. When the trichomesmature, the THC level is maximal, while the CBD and CBN have less pronounced sedative effect, the effect will be energetic. With further maturation, trichomesturn into amber color, THC turns intinto more sedative cannabinoids, the psychoactive effect will be sedative. 

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Drying Cannabis

Cut your plant close to the root, and without dividing into parts, hang drying.The room for drying should be big and ventilated. Keep humidity within 50-60%. Avoid high humidity because of moldwhich will spoil the taste. Keep temperature is 18 - 20 degrees Celsius (65-68 Fahrenheit). Dry in the dark! Light destroys THC!The harvest will be dry and ready to use in 3-4 weeks. The stems should crunch. Marijuana should be dry.

Softening of taste

After drying, marijuana can be softened to turn cannabinoids and terpenes into more powerful compounds. When the crop is dried, place in a sealed glass container and do not open it.

After the marihuana dried, remove all the remaining leaves with scissors. Store in dark place (glass jars). Do not over pack the jars! At this stage, the air kills the THC; so fill up the jar, leaving a minimum of air inside. You can also keep stuff in the refrigerator (cool dark place).

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